Morpheus X195, X230 and XFR Arm Protector & Motor Soft Mount (4 pcs)

$ 14.00


 Set of 4 protective arm booties for the Morpheus 5" and 6" frames (X195, X230, XFR). These will protect the thin carbon motor protector at the tip of the arm when flying in parking garages or other concrete structures.  The thin (0.75mm) top layer also helps to isolate motor vibrations

 Available for 4mm and 5mm arms. Weight for full set is 12 to 13 grams.


Available Colors (in order of picture):

  • Violet (Purple)
  • Fire (Red)
  • Sapphire (Dark Blue)
  • Sky (Light Blue)
  • Sun (Yellow)
  • Grass (Light Green)
  • Emerald (Turquoise Green)

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