Morpheus XFR

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The Morpheus XFR

The XFR (X, Freestyle, Race) is the latest addition to the Morpheus family of frames.  We love the feel of a low center of gravity frame so much that we set out to design a low deck battery-on-top version of the Morpheus that incorporates the same open frame and arm mounting configuration as the original 5" and 6" frames.  The arms for the XFR are the same exact arms used on the Morpheus X 230 (6 inch) frame.

We felt it was important to incorporate the adjustable camera pod configuration that Morpheus pilots are used to.  The XFR pod is adjustable from 20 to 45 degrees and automatically sets your FPV and HD capture cam to the same angle.  The FPV camera is adjustable an additional 20 degrees down and 15 degrees up for a total range of 0 to 60 degrees.  If you are using the Morpheus TPU camera holder it has notches at 0 degrees (same angle as pod top) and +15 and -15 degrees.  This equals a total FPV camera range from 5 to 60 degrees.


  • The XFR is available in 4mm and 5mm versions.
  • Weight 4mm version: 101 grams
  • Weight 5mm version: 114 grams
  • M2M: 230mm
  • Props: 5 inch
  • Motors: 220x footprint - standard 5 inch quad mounting holes
  • Flight controller/Electronics stack: Any 36x36 (30.5x30.5 mounting holes).

What's Special About the XFR?

Super low center of gravity.  We got the battery as low on the prop line as we could without starting from scratch.  The result is a frame that handles like an X but without the pendulum effect of the battery on the bottom.

We believe modern frames should include integrated solutions for mounting all of the necessary components.  The XFR includes

  • Open space in between the arms for mounting a PDB/OSD allowing the electronics stack to be as short as possible.
  • Integrated FPV protective cage and camera mount for HS1177 style cameras
  • Integrated Lipo strap slots allowing the battery to be mounted on either the roll or pitch axis (battery mounted sideways).
  • Integrated cable tie slots on the top and bottom decks for maximum flexibility when mounting VTX/RX and other components.
  • 3D printed components for mounting VTX and RX antennas
  • 3D printed camera holder for holding the FPV camera at -5, 0, +15 degrees relative to the camera pod/HD Cam (not shown)
  • Optional 3D printed arm booties (landing pads optional) with integrated motor soft mounts (not shown)
  • Slotted arms allowing wiring and/or ESCs to be passed through and bottom mounted.

The proportions of the XFR allow it to balance with almost any component combination.  Whether you are running 1300mAh or 2200mAh batteries, with or without an HD camera.  The center of the frame incorporates balancing points so you can easily check your balance prior to launch.

The modular arm mounting system is completely independent of the electronics stack.  There is no need to remove any screws securing the PDB or FC in order to change an arm.  Simply remove the 2 dedicated arms screws and the motor and swap a new arm in.  We have done arm swaps in the field in less than 2 minutes.


What's Included?

  • Carbon fiber components
  • All hardware (screws, aluminum standoffs, etc.)
  • 5mm nylon standoff FC mount kit (includes o-rings and nylon nuts)
  • Black XT60 Connector
  • 3D printed VTX/RX Antenna Holder


Detailed Parts List:


Qty Item Description
4 Arms Frame Arms
1 Bottom Frame plate Bottom Frame plate - lipo strap slots
1 Top Frame plate Top frame plate - FC stack opening
1 Top Deck plate Top Deck
1 Cam Pod Mount (smooth) Cam Pod Mount
1 Cam Pod Mount (notched) Cam Pod Mount
2 Cam Pod Sides Cam Pod/Mount side plates
1 Cam Pod Top Cam Pod top/HD Cam Plate
26 M3x6 screws Motors, Top deck, Camera Pod
4 M3x8 screws Camera Pod
4 M3x7 screws PDB, Frame Plate to Nylon FC Standoffs
8 M3x12 screws Through Frame/Arms
3 M3x28mm standoff Camera Pod
2 M3x20mm standoff Between Bottom Frame Plate and Top Deck
4 M3x14mm standoff Top Frame Plate to Top Deck
4 M3x5 nylon standoff FC/OSD/VTX Mount
4 M3 nylon nut Secure FC
8 Rubber O-ring  FC soft mount
1 3D printed VTX Mount Universal SMA holder
1 3D printed Antenna Mount RX Antenna Mount
2 Zip Ties For SMA/VTX Mount
2 Antenna Tubes RX antenna tubes
1 XT60 Connector Quad side power
1 20x200 Lipo Strap Battery strap
1 15x200 Lipo Strap

HD Cam strap


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