FuriousFPV Full Telemetry S.PORT 1.5KM Diversity Receiver SPD15 - Frsky (INT Version)

$ 34.95

Furious FPV SPD15 Receiver - Explore New Worlds.

Bringing forth a fusion of range, capability & feature packed brilliance, Furious FPV debuts the super compact receiver of your FPV dreams.

The SPD15 is ultra durable with a design that prevents water & dust from causing damage and it is a pint size power house boasting a full 1.5KM of reception range. Add the functionality of Two Way Duplex Transmission capability, meaning full telemetry, allowing you to keep tabs on vital information throughout your flight.

Pushing the boundaries is Smart Port Technology, allowing real time adjustment of PID's, VTX settings and more - right from your transmitter. From channel selecting to VTX power output, Smart Port Technology opens all new worlds of in flight adjustability, right where it belongs.

Featuring 16 channel S-Bus output that can be flashed with different firmwares via Taranis as a FrSky receiver system, the SPD15 receiver system is lighter in overall weight and smaller in size than the XSR, featuring massive functionality to push your FPV experience to the absolute limits.

Reside in the EU? Furious FPV has you covered with a dedicated LBT (Listen Before Talk) version, offering EU users full compatibility with LBT firmware options that are currently available.

Step up to full range capability without compromise. With the Furious FPV SPD15 Receiver, epic levels of feature packed insanity await your next flight, with full capability in an ultra-compact form.


- PID & VTX Tuning via TX with Smart Port Technology

- Two Way Duplex Transmission Telemetry

- Ultra Long 1.5kM Range

- Water Proof & Dust Proof

- Easy to Solder with High Quality Silicone Wires

- Replaceable U.FL Antennas

- Smaller & Lighter than XSR

- EU LBT Version Available


- FrSky X-Series Module

- X9D / X9DP / QX7 / X9E / X12S in D16 Mode

- LBT Version - Compatible with FrSky in D16-LBT Mode Only


Dimensions: 18x26x5mm (LxWxH)

Antenna Length: 150mm

Weight: 3.6g

Power Input: 5V

Operating Current: 100mA @ 5V


Smart Port Functionality - Endless Adjustability.

Smart Port functionality offers you real time adjustability via your transmitter, allowing all aspects of control placed right at your fingertips. Adjust channels, power output and band selection via your FrSky radio, along with full PID tuning. You now have complete control where control belongs.



Full Telemetry Setup - Stay In the Know.

With full telemetry available via Two Way Duplex Transmission, you can keep tabs on your aircraft in real time, allowing you to stay in the know when it comes to all the vital data streaming from your machine.

1.5kM Range - New Worlds Await.

Boasting a massive 1.5kM range, the SPD15 is a full range Rx that uses high strength, flexible antennas that are designed to last. Boasting replaceable U.FL antennas, these antennas are much thicker than antennas of the past, making this design ready for the test of time.

FrSky Receiver Capable via Taranis Firmware Flash - Boom.

Bring on the FrSky capability with firmware flashing via Taranis transmitters, offering the receiver system that's perfect for your needs.

LBT Functionality - Listen Before Talk.

For our EU users, our LBT version is awaiting, allowing full compatibility with updated firmware transmitter systems utilizing LBT functionality.

Ultra Light & Massively Small - Just the Way We Like It.

At a minute 3g of weight and the size of a postage stamp, the SPD15 fits in the tightest spots with ease, taking up nano sized spaces with room to spare.

Water & Dust Proof - Elements Be Warned.

Keeping this Rx clean and dry is secondary at best. The SPD15 is water proof, and couldn't care less about dust & dirt. So, push the limits and leave the clean up process for another day .




SPD 15 Receiver review by Killa Klown FPV


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