Morpheus X230 FPV (6 inch)

$ 80.00

 Morpheus X230

The Morpheus X 230 is the 6 inch version of the Morpheus X 195. The ONLY difference between the two frames is the length of the arms. 

The Skyward MorpheusX 230 is a true X frame for 6" props designed to carry the GoPro Session or Hero 3/4/5 HD cameras.  The Morpheus is a versatile, light weight but strong true X frame with a compact center of gravity, fully adjustable camera pod, and quick change arms.  If you are looking for a single frame that excels across the entire flight envelope from beginner to freestyle to expert racer, the Morpheus X can do it all. 

  The MorpheusX is a modular design with quick change arms.  A broken arm at the field or track should be an easy fix that doesn't require soldering or tearing down the entire quad. The arms and PDB/FC don't share any common screws so an arm change leaves the PDB/FC stack in tact.  Just two screws that are easily accessible secure each arm to the center frame plates.

The center of the  frame is open allowing receivers (FrSky XSR, Spektrum Satellite, LemonRX Satellite) to be mounted completely inside the frame reducing the height of the electronics stack and concealing most of the wiring. Alternately, the PDB/OSD can be mounted inside the frame with the same effect of reducing the height of the electronics stack.  This allows for extremely compact builds keeping the center of gravity as low as possible.

The MorpheusX camera pod is a new concept designed to mount the popular HS1177 style FPV cameras and GoPro Session or Hero 3/4/5 at angles adjustable from 25° degrees to 50°.  The pod is also designed to mount the video transmitter and VTX antenna keeping all wiring internal to the pod and clear of the props.  The wide range of FPV camera angles supports every flying style from beginner to expert racer.   The camera pod can be installed or removed in minutes allowing the X to be flown LOS without the extra weight of the cameras and VTX if desired.  Build up a spare camera pod and swap out in minutes if you have camera or VTX issues at the track.

See the MorpheusX Build Instructions for details on how the frame goes together

Frame Hardware Included:

  • Qty. 4 - M3x15mm standoffs for compact build
  • Qty. 4 - M3x20mm standoffs for less compact build - if you need more room for your components
  • Qty. 4 - M3x28mm standoffs for camera pod
  • Qty. 16 M3 black stainless motor screws (6mm for 4mm arms, 7mm for 5mm arms)
  • Qty. 4 - M3x6mm black stainless screws to mount the top plate
  • Qty. 8 - M3x8mm black stainless screws for top of camera pod assembly and to mount the FC standoffs
  • Qty. 8 - M3x10mm black stainless - bottom of camera pod assembly - option for FC stack
  • Qty. 8 - M3 x 12mm black stainless screws - through frame plates and arms to bottom nuts
  • Qty. 8 - M3x14mm black stainless screws - through the frame plates and arms to 15 or 20mm standoffs
  • Qty. 4 - M3 Stainless nylon insert lock nut
  • Qty. 4 - M3x6mm nylon standoff for FC mounting
  • Qty. 4 - M3x5mm nylon standoff for FC mounting (shorter option)
  • Qty. 8 - Hard rubber o-ring for soft mounting FC
  • Qty. 10 - M3x1mm nylon spacers - optional spacers
  • Qty. 4 - M3 nylon nuts to secure the FC
  • Qty. 1 - XT60 connector (quad side)

Frame Features:

  • True symmetrical X frame for optimal tuning and handling
  • Lightweight  but super strong skeletonized 4mm or 5mm arms
  • Designed for low profile build with optimal center of gravity
  • CG check points built into the frame - check CG in seconds
  • Convertible between Acro (LOS) and FPV configurations
  • Easily replaceable arms - just 2 screws to remove an arm from the frame
  • Arm slots wide enough to allow passing through most ESCs for bottom mounting

Camera Pod Features:

  • Easily adjusts from 25° to 50° degrees in 5° degree increments
  • FPV camera total range from 0° to 65° so support every skill level
  • Designed to mount GoPro Session or Hero 3, 4 or 5
  • Supports standard HS1177 and similar FPV cameras
  • Mount plate for VTX and VTX antenna in the pod
  • Low profile design keeps center of gravity compact
  • Easily remove/replace in just a few minutes

All our carbon fiber frames are CNC milled in the USA!

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